The Astral Plane – C W Leadbeater. PREFACE. Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the fifth of a series of Manuals designed. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Charles W. Leadbeater. · Rating details · ratings · 24 reviews. With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place.

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Let us consider an extreme example of possible variation in order that we may grasp its method. A departed entity functioning upon any one of them might drift [55] with equal ease from Zstral to Australia, or wherever a passing thought might take him; but he would not keadbeater able to transfer his consciousness from that sub-plane to the next above it until the process of detachment described had been completed.

I don’t think the author really knows what he’s talking about, and so he steeps it in vagaries. Life on the sixth division is leadbeatee unlike our ordinary life on this earth, minus the physical body and its necessities; while as it ascends through the fifth and fourth divisions it becomes less and less material, and is more leadbearer more withdrawn from our lower world and its interests. Among those who make a study of these subjects, some try to develop the astral sight by crystal-gazing or other methods, while those who have the inestimable advantage of the direct guidance of a qualified teacher will probably be aroused to full consciousness upon that plane for the first time under his special protection, which will be continued until, by the application of various tests, he has satisfied himself that each pupil is proof against any danger or terror that he is likely to encounter.

It will thus be seen that in the successive stages of his progress from earth-life to the heaven-world, man casts off and leaves to slow disintegration no less than three corpses — the dense physical body, the etheric double, and the astral vehicle — all of which are by degrees resolved into their constituent elements and their matter utilized anew on their respective planes by the wonderful chemistry of Nature.

Andrea Lerette rated it it was amazing Aug 12, C, the fact we can only perceive about. Suppose a man who c brought over from his past incarnation tendencies requiring for their manifestation a very large amount of the matter of the seventh or lowest sub-plane, but has in his present life been fortunate enough to learn in his very earliest years the possibility and necessity of controlling these tendencies.

Leadbeater, and attending classes for examinations. The Adept and his Pupils. It is one among many melancholy results of the terribly inaccurate and even irreligious view that we in the West have for centuries been taking of death, that we not only cause ourselves an immense amount of wholly unnecessary pain over this temporary parting from our loved ones, but we often also do serious injury to those for ladbeater we bear so deep an affection by means of this asral regret atsral we feel so acutely.

We recognize it first in the three elemental kingdoms; when it enters the mineral kingdom we call it the mineral monad; in the vegetable kingdom it is described lesdbeater the vegetable monad, and so on. Where asfral is possible it no doubt saves trouble, for the higher usually includes the lower; but for most of us such progress by leaps and bounds has been forbidden by our own faults or follies in the past; all that we can hope for is to win our way slowly step by step, and since this astral plane lies next to our world of denser matter, it is usually in connection with it that our earliest super-physical experiences take place.

When during sleep the astral body is withdrawn from the physical this arrangement still persists, and any one looking at such an astral body with clairvoyant vision would still see, just as before, a form resembling the physical body surrounded by an aura.


These extruded astral bodies are almost shapeless and indefinite in outline in the case of the more backward races and individuals, but as the man develops in intellect and spirituality his floating astral becomes better defined, and more closely resembles his physical encasement. It may be said in passing that communication is limited on the astral plane by the knowledge of the entity, just as it is here.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena

But now happened an unusual and unexpected incident which distinctly flustered Bishop Leadbeater. Apr 08, A. If, however, he steadily resists this unreasoning sense of dread by the calm assertion of his own knowledge that there is no cause for fear, he wears out in time the resistance of the elemental, just pplane he has resisted the prompting of desire many a time during his earthly life.

It is well known that, in the early days of Spiritualism, many striking objects were transported from distances, showing that the spirits were able to use extraordinary powers.

As the pupil must by the hypothesis be a man of pure life and high thought, it is probable that in his case these spiritual forces will be of abnormal strength, and therefore if he enters upon this heaven-life, it is likely to be extremely long; but if instead of taking it he chooses the Path of Renunciation thus even at his low level and in his humble way beginning to follow in the footsteps of the Great Master of Renunciation, the Lord GAUTAMA [45] Buddha Himselfhe is able to expend that reserve of force in quite another direction — to use it for the benefit of mankind, and so, infinitesimal though his offering may be, to take his tiny part in the great work of the Nirmanakayas.

When the Adepts were asked on this matter, we were informed that They purposely prevented any phenomenon which would be absolutely “water-tight” in the matter of proof. But in the ordinary man the consciousness is steadily rising from the lower part of the nature towards the higher; and obviously it cannot be helpful to his evolution that this lower part should be reawakened from the natural and desirable unconsciousness into which it is passing, and dragged back into touch with earth in order to communicate through a medium.

If the explorer of some unknown tropical forest were asked not only to give a [12] full account of the country through which he has passed, with accurate details of its vegetable and mineral productions, but also to state the genus and species of every one of the myriad insects, birds, beasts, and reptiles which he had seen, he might well shrink appalled at the magnitude of the undertaking.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena by Charles W. Leadbeater

His consciousness is quite complete, and he roams at will through all the divisions of the plane with equal facility. Right away CW makes clear the vastness of his subject and the thinness of his outlines, but there’s still such a rich variety of observation in this little book. No one can get a clear conception of the teachings of the Wisdom-Religion until he has at any rate an intellectual grasp of the fact that in our solar system there exist perfectly definite planes, each with its own matter of different degrees of density.

But to see these the pupil must, of course, have developed the vision of the levels to which they belong.

Within similarly wide limits may vary also the length of their lives upon the astral plane, for while there are those who pass only a few days or hours there, others remain upon this level for many years and even centuries. Far more frequently he has to wait on the astral plane, as mentioned before, until the opportunity of a fitting birth presents itself. Nor are the creatures of these worlds unimportant because minute, for upon a knowledge of the habits and condition of some of those microbes depends our ability to preserve health, and in many cases life itself.

It is hoped, therefore, that this account of the astral plane, though it cannot be considered as quite complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes. Many untrained psychics never examine their visions scientifically at all; they just obtain an impression which may be [28] quite correct, but may also be half false, or even wholly misleading.

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Jennifer Jacobs rated it it was amazing Oct 08, On the other hand, for the first time among occultists, a detailed investigation had been made of the Astral Plane as a whole, in a manner similar to that in which a botanist in an Amazonian jungle would set to work in order to classify its trees, plants and shrubs, and so write a botanical history of the jungle.

Lists with This Book.

May 28, Russell Eric Dobda rated it it was amazing. Bishop Leadbeater first met Dr. A good example of the sort of mistake that is likely to occur is the frequent reversal of any number which the seer has to read from the astral light, so that he would be liable to render, say, asand so on.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater

In the case of a student [7] of occultism trained by a capable Master such a mistake would be impossible except through great hurry or carelessness, since such a pupil has to go through a long and varied course of instruction in this art of seeing correctly. When the power of bringing over the consciousness is perfectly acquired the pupil will have the [8] advantage of the use of all the astral faculties, not only while out of his body during sleep or trance, but also while fully awake in ordinary physical life.

He is leabeater fact himself, exactly as his friends know him on earth, planne only the physical body and the etheric double in the one case and the astral body in addition to the other, and plus the additional powers and faculties of this higher condition, which enable him to carry on far more easily and far more efficiently on that plane during sleep the Theosophical work which occupies so much of his thought in his waking hours. Even when our imagination has fully grasped all that is comprehended in what has already been said, we do not yet understand half the complexity of the problem for besides all these new forms of physical matter we have to deal with the still more numerous and perplexing subdivisions of astral matter.

It was a habit of Mr. First of all, the whole of the physical matter of the rock is seen, instead of a small part of it; secondly, the vibrations of its leadeater particles are perceptible; thirdly, it is seen to possess an astral counterpart composed of various grades of astral matter, whose particles are also in constant motion; fourthly, the Universal Divine Life is clearly to be seen working in it as it leabeater in the whole creation, though naturally its manifestations differ greatly at successive stages of its descent into matter, and for the sake of convenience each stage has its own name.

As I have a connection with this book, as the amanuensis who copied the manuscript for the printer, I can describe how the work came to be written.

Accusations of his detractors were never proven and, with Besant’s assistance, he was readmitted a few years later.

The advantage of this vehicle is that it permits of instant passage from the mental plane to the astral and back, and allows of the use at all times of the greater power and keener sense of its own plane. Those victims of sudden death whose earth-lives have been pure and noble have no affinity for this plane, and so the time of their sojourn upon it is passed, to quote from an early letter on this subject, either in “happy ignorance and full oblivion, or in a state of quiet slumber, a sleep full of rosy dreams.

It sometimes happens, however, that the desire for communication is from the other side, and that the dead man has something which he specially desires to say to those whom he has left behind.

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