The Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, (CCCR, ) under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA)) help. CCCR, – INTRODUCTION. Using the Health Canada Reference Manual for the. Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, Requirements of. We are happy to see that more and more Canadian E-liquid Manufacturers (even some outside of Canada) are opting to follow the Consumer.

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However, caution should be used to avoid data from exposure times of less than 1-hour because, at this extreme, the conversion may not be as reliable. Unlike other acids that are neutralized quickly, fluoride ion reactions in the body can continue for several days.

In order to be effective, the directions must be clearly visible to the user.

It lists the hazardous ingredients which is important when seeking medical help. In addition, the label should include instructions to remove the tube from the nozzle when storing.

Erythema is a sign of inflammation; it is a redness of ccc skin caused by dilatation and congestion of the capillaries. The term “left justified” means “type set to line up at the left”. Testing for Leaks Marginal note: The toxicity limits that were developed in collaboration with all stakeholders were harmonized with WHMIS and other Canadian and international systems, in order to avoid redundant toxicity evaluations.

It is a function of the ccccr pressure of the substance. Thus, using one’s teeth does not constitute using a tool. Ccc — other effects. A product may only be accessible though one route of exposure or it may be accessible through all three routes. 20001 all pressurized containers are spray containers, only those that permit release in the form of a mist.

A corrosive substance is capable of causing necrosis or ulceration of epithelial tissue. Directions in the form of diagrams or symbols that are self-explanatory are satisfactory. Sub-category — substances causing other effects. Finally, it gives directions for giving immediate first aid to the victim.

CCCR Canadian Consumer Label Review | Nexreg

Caulking tubes are considered to be child-resistant containers, since a tool is required to puncture or remove one of its functional and necessary parts — the tip of the tube where the product is dispensed s. It should be noted that as a result of this review, additional requirements, such as child-resistant containers, would now be required in addition to the required labelling.


Three standards are indicated cccrr order to harmonize the requirements to the most commonly used and accepted international child-resistant container standards. The reason behind the square root function being present in the formula in s. This ensures a constancy in the messages seen by consumers as well as a consistent set of rules for all companies.

When ingested, it is ccccr down in the body to produce oxalic acid, which can cause nausea, vomiting, abdom-inal pain and weakness, as well as drunkenness, dizziness, stupor, convulsions and coma symptoms of depression of the central nervous system.

The titration end point is set at a pH of 4. Inhalation of 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane vapour results cccf nausea, vomiting, weight loss, anemia and liver injury with a sometimes fatal outcome. Do not breathe fumes. Sub-categories — one or more bases. Ingestion results in symp-toms of central nervous system depression such as dizziness, loss of consciousness and death.

If a container has a cccr sprayer, for example: If on skin, rinse well with water. Human experience with a product is the best indicator of its potential hazard, in view of the variability in response to materials between individuals and between species.

The listed exclusions reflect that these areas of the display surface are not customarily used for printing. Materials such as rags used ccrc this product may begin to burn by themselves.

Products classified under any other category must be sold by September 30, Reliable human experience data includes epidemiological data and experience on the effects of chemicals on humans, such as occupational data, information from accident databases and clinical cases with a product.

CCCR 2001: Canadian Consumer Label Review

Thank you for your help! Estimation of the toxicity of the product as a whole in such cases may significantly misrepresent the hazard when the upper layer that separates, or supernatant layer, will be accessible as a distinct mixture or solution and may be so ingested by a child.


The length of XY is multiplied by the ratio 1: They seem to be everywhere we look. Hazard symbol — reproduction. Required instructions and first aid statement. I can’t find what I’m ccxr for. It can also cause kidney and liver damage following short-term exposure. Four principal families of chemicals have been shown to pose aspiration toxicity: The advertising, sale or importation of a chemical product that is classified under section 33 in the sub-category “very toxic” is prohibited.

The maximum amount tolerated to allow the use of this exception will actually vary significantly based on the intended use going from a few drops for a quick skin bonding adhesive to few hundred millilitres for a fuel additive. See subsections 35 3 and 4. It includes cigarette papers, tubes and filters but does not include any food, 200 or device that contains nicotine to which the Food and Drugs Act applies.

Nevertheless, these tests may be useful in evaluating the container when they are performed on filled containers. Strong mineral acids would be cxcr less often than caustic alkalis because the acids produce intense and immediate pain when taken into the mouth, and the spasm after the first swallow tends to prevent further ingestion.

For example, a prohibited weapon includes:. In general, child-resistant packaging is required for the following sub-categories: The use of scientific judgement must be based on an evaluation from a reasonably competent individual, knowledgeable in the appropriate science necessary to evaluate the product.

This includes immediate containers, outer packaging, such as display cards and empty containers which the user may purchase to dispense and use a regulated product. It is absorbed readily following inhalation exposure and may cause central nervous system depression fatigue, decreased concentration, impaired memory.

The use of a placebo is not a satisfactory substitute for the actual chemical product.