Law on Public Holidays (Ley de Fiestas Nacionales, Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de. Según Gaceta Oficial N° del 01 de junio de , la cual establece en su artículo N° 1 “la Dirección G.O. de fecha 28/04/ Ley Orgánica. Reforma parcial del reglamento de la ley orgánica del trabajo by llópez_

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There should be a tendancy to the gradual reduction of hours of work within a social interest and it should be available for a better use of leisure time to benefit the physical, spiritual and cultural development of workers.

Notification respecting daily cash benefits in the event of sickness and confinement No. Lunch and meal breaks are not considered working time. The employer has no obligation to pay oicial benefit for the first five weeks for a newly employed person who becomes sick during the first 21 days of the employment.

In work where there is no continuous process, the working gacrta shall be interrupted with a break of at least half an hour, so a maximum of five continuous hours shall be worked. Every worker is entitled to a weekly rest period of one day, which shall fall on Sunday, and must be payed as a working day.

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Amendment to the Pregnancy conflict Act Article 8. Announces a revision of the Ordinance on child-care leave for soldiers, which provides for three years of leave for soldiers with dependent children. Amends Section 18 and ofidial Section 20 concerning maternity leave of the Labour Standards Act 388426 workers cannot work more than 30 hours per week. L et Labroge l’art. Domestic workers are entitled to a daily rest period of 10 hours.

The salary corresponding to the annual leave shall be made effective before gacega leave begins. The effective duration of the work, included overtime work, shall not exceed 10 hours per day. The employer and the worker must agree upon the time of year in which the worker will take his leave. LS – Den. The following days are considered public holidays by the Labour Act: Denmark – Maternity protection – Law, Act.


Pregnant soldiers shall not be obliged to perform work involving heavy physical effort or exposure to gas, dust, heat, noise and other dangerous influences. Exceptions The 44 hour limit does not apply to certain groups, including: Amendment to the Nationality Act Article 2. Decree of the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration determining works for which women may not be employed No.

The Executive, by a special resolution, can allow overtime work performed during night.

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Federal Act to provide benefits and paid leave to parents of newly-born babies. Amendment to the Civil Code Article 7. Ecuador – Maternity protection – Law, Act. Denmark – Maternity protection – Law, Act Notification respecting the employer’s duty to pay ooficial benefit to newly employed persons under the Act No. Over an 8 week period, the total working hours may not exceed 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day. Article 2 of the present Law amends article 29, 338426 adding within phrase 4, new paragraph cworded as follows: Provides for payment of special maternity benefit to pregnant member if her work contains health risk for her or her child.

Se crea el Instituto Dominicano de Seguros Sociales. Historical data year indicates year of data collection Also provides parents with a subsidy of up to an amount of six hundred Marks which is paid from the birthday until the end of the eighteenth month for babies who are born after 31 December this benefit ends after twenty-four months. Regulates provision of various social security benefits.

Venezuela – Working time – 2009

Denmark – Maternity protection – Law, Act Act to amend the Act respecting equal treatment of men and women with regard to employment and confinement etc. Notification respecting the employer’s exemption from paying a cash benefit in certain cases under the Act No. L et L qui deviennent respectivement les art. Also modifies, inter alia, article Czechoslovakia former – Maternity protection – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.


When young workers under 16 years of age perform intermitent work they are entitled to one hour of rest. The provisions of this law relevant to night work shall not be applied to domestic workers because of the nature of their work.

Inserts a new subsection 2 in section 1 providing that a woman must take two weeks’ leave after confinement. ofivial

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A woman who has been pregnant for at least days is entitled to a maternity allowance. The provisions of this law relevant to working hours, to domestic workers because of the nature of their work.

Dominica – Maternity protection – Law, Act. Finland – Maternity protection – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Act on protection of mothers at work, education and studies Maternity Protection Act. Act to amend the Act respecting daily cash benefits in the event of sickness and confinement No. Provides for a mother’s benefit to women having minimum four minor children.

Full-time or part-time leave may be taken. The same rules apply in relation to adoptive children. RR du Code du Travail, An Act to amend s. A prerequisite for parental leave is an agreement between the employer and the worker.

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