Keep Holding On has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: “If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. This bestselling teen novel focuses on the consequences of bullying and teen suicide, dedicated to Tyler Clementi. Susane Colasanti was born and grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She is an only child. During middle and high school she got picked on.

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Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On might not be a perfect book, but it does deserve to be hyped because of colsaanti valuable lesson it spreads to teenagers and parents alike. With each book I read by Susane Colasanti the bigger fan I become of her work.

A scene where a couple of girls ambush Noelle at the bus stop and shoot paintballs at her. I am still waiting for the story about a girl like Ali.

I wish she could’ve been my science teacher. Not dangerously optimistic, just unrealistic.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

Keep Holding On A story great story about bullying and the consequences that can result from bullying in high school. This book follows Noelle who lives a horrible hoolding and has to face numerous hardships. She is the poorest student at a rich school, where you only belong if you have this season’s latest trends.


I finished reading this book yesterday and my feelings for this book are still very conflicted.

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When her stepfather passed away, Noelle and her mother had to move to a small apartment and cut down on the luxuries they’d previously been used to. View all 8 comments.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say that this was a better book colazanti This is a difficult review for me to write, probably on a few levels because I don’t think there is a person who isn’t touched by the subject of bullying and how damaging it can be to anyone subjected to it, whether they’re young or older. But she realizes that real life is happening right now.

Noelle was kidding herself that she’d help any kid when she turned her back on poor Ali. Julian, the best part of the story frre my opinion is the boy she really wants to be with is beginning to show serious interest in her but he can’t possibly like someone like her, can he? I wanted her to see that things could be better.

What are less-than-memorable elements, then? This story totally broke my heart, bothered me to no end because of some of the things that happen in this book, moved me to tears, and left me feeling hopeful for Noelle. Even if you go on to do great, charitable things, to at least one person who will be nothing more than a wound inflictor. I have to say I had seen some great reviews of this and was really looking forward to a gritty read. They are so life-like.


Being a very short book it packs quite the punch; the story is packed full of emotional highs and lows. Her emotions are vivid. And more than anything, this book has meaning. Sherae is her best friend, and she’s also a girl.

High school can be an unforgiving world. Keep Holding On is a story that was written from the heart and should be on ever tween and teen’s mandatory to-be-read pile!

The presentation felt haphazard and quite jarring in a negative way as the book went on. I really liked that Susane Colasanti gave lovable characters in this. She does not have a secret boyfriend or a boy who is interested in her. The romance is a way to keep track of Noelle’s character growth rather than a plot in its own right. Noelle even manages to escape the torments she receives during lunch by working on the literary magazine.

And did no one think to calculate or even estimate how much Noelle’s mom would get in food stamps each month? I hated Noelle for this. That seldom every works in life.