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(This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 CAUTION. (This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 Association. AGMA B05 Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gear – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. AGMA B05 Metallurgical.

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The Y lim value for the extrapolation is calculated based on the return period, T, and the relevant areas as follows:.

Sound metallurgical practice dictates that the microstructure requirements in the tooth area should be predominantly tempered martensite with limited upper transformation products ferrite, upper bainite and fine pearlite. Any of the following methods are acceptable Should meet the following surface related characteristic: Any post–heat treat stock removal must be considered.

Item Detail – AGMA B05 (reaffirmed April 8, )

Maximum 2 HRC points or equivalent by conversion. As illustrated in Figure 6a linear regression using the maximum likely linear fit is made of the rank-ordered extreme value data, and the value at which this regression intersects the Y lim value is the SEV maximum likely inclusion value.


Conversations with multiple gear designers and failure analysts indicate that these predicted values are consistent with real-world experiences with heavily loaded gears. Monday, December 31, The field size used for rating is 0. See figure 10 for a photograph of non–martensitic transformation products in martensite. The quenching of carburized gearing directly after the carburizing operation, generally from a reduced temperature within the austenitic range.

When the stress intensity reached the critical value, K 1Cthe tooth fractured off completely. Once the worst 0. The amount of retained austenite is a function of carbon content, alloy content especially nickel and manganesequench temperature and subsequent thermal or mechanical treatments. Machine Repairs June 17, Intergranular oxidation IGO Not specified.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

For example an actual microhardness test reading of HK has a converted hardness of 50 HRC and would be properly reported as 50 HRC HK with the hardness number and scale in parentheses representing the actual testing result and method.

Effort was made to reference ISO specifications 923b-05 possible. Mechanical properties prior to abma hardening. A cold working process performed by bombarding the surface of a part with small spherical media.

If the core hardness is more than Grade 1 Not specified.

[PDF] AGMA B05 – Free Download PDF

Castings — Back reflection technique Not specified. Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. Heat treating low alloy PM steels October 15, Medium carbon alloy steel.


These characteristics are not necessarily applicable to carbonitrided or nitrocarburized gearing, neither of which are covered by this document. Cast gears Not permitted. Figure 3 b shows the raw data in histogram form for ahma stringer oxide inclusions lengths agmz square millimeter. The method of correlation should be documented.

Each of the first three steels were produced by electric arc furnace and 93-b05 refining, and each meet AGMA grade 3 and ASTM A [3] bearing steel quality requirements for oxide inclusion cleanness.

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AGMA 923-B05

An uninterrupted ultrasonic testing signal on the display which moves horizontally on the sweep line as the transducer is moved on the scanning surface. This microstructure 923-0b5 should be free of blocky ferrite, pearlite, and measurable bainite. The consolidated tables were submitted to the gear rating committees for their agreement and are published here for reference by other standards.

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