Abstract: This article examines Malek Bennabi’s concept of civilisation interdisciplinary approach; culture; Muslim countries; colonisability;. This article aims, also, to highlight some basic ideas of Bennabi such as colonialism and colonisability, the ideological conflict, and the role of religion; besides. Malek Bennabi is ranked among the very few who have profoundly and systematically contributed to the debate concerning the issue of.

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The various stages of development in such a society are indeed different forms of its intellectual developments. However, the twentieth century introduced a new development in which ideas were held in high esteem as national and international values. This thesis is intended colonisabiilt discuss Malek Bennabi’s singular ideas on “al- Takhalluf”, development and social transformation.

Malek Bennabi and his modern Islamic thought

They assessed their situation as an abomination caused colonisablit the lack of weapons, aeroplanes and banks. This was colonjsabilit not a failure of Islam, but because Muslims and those in governance abandoned the true understanding of what Islamic values connoted. As a result of this inferiority, Muslims ascribed this distance to the field of objects.

However, the issue of development continued as a major preoccupation of a large section of Arab and Muslim intellectuals. Yet, due to Mr.

The importance of this article lies in the fact that through dissection of this crisis, Bennabi uncovered the real reasons and factors that caused it and their repercussions. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. In another book, The Question of Culturehe said, the organisation of society, its life and movement, indeed, its deterioration and stagnation, all possessed a functional relation with the system of ideas found in that society.


The study comprises an introduction, three chapters and the conclusion.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. On the social level, it would lead to what we have elsewhere called takdis heaping-up. Enriching the society is part of dynamism in Islam. He said that Muslims today were in a state of colojisabilit. Inafter returning to Algeriahe witnessed modern scientific inventions and technological creations unfold before his eyes.

Hay Shaffay: Malik Bennabi (): On Ideas and Civilisation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chapter One deals with the atmosphere prevailing in Malek Bennabi’s country of origin and his own intellectual, cultural and educational itinerary both in Algeria and in France. Malek Bennabi is ranked among the very few who have profoundly and systematically contributed to the debate concerning the issue of development.

The world had, therefore, entered a stage at which most of its problems could be solved only by certain systems of ideas. Compared to other Arab and Muslim writers and intellectuals who have dealt with the subject and achieved a consensus on its vitality, Malek Bennabi’s thought singularly provides a realistic perspective based on a more comprehensive methodology. He is mostly known for the concept of coloniability which is the inner aptitude of some societies to be colonized Black-African particularly.

Muslims tended to dig up past treasures instead of seeking to progress with new ones. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat As a result, the Arab and Muslim world is still suffering from economic, technological and cultural retardation. He later criticised the Muslim society for frequently falling into an apologetic state.


Chapter Three is an assessment of Malek Bennabi’s ideas on “al-Takhalluf” retardationdevelopment and social change in comparison to theories formulated by other experts in the field. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

His primary focus was on the term he coined called ‘Post-Almohad Men’. For a long time, Arab and Muslim writers and intellectuals have not been able to agree on clearly defined causes of “al-Takhalluf” social, cultural and economic retardation in their societies. Malek Bennabi wrote more than 25 books, all his works were written between The Quranic Phenomenon and Retrieved 30 September Although looking back to what had been achieved in the Golden Age of Islam is still relevant, what is more important is to be able to appreciate the political values and culture of models and systems implemented by past prophets, re-interpret and apply these to our contemporary society.

According to Malek Bennabi, the lack of new ideas in Islamic thought emerged what he coined civilizational bankruptcy.