: Emax Cf kv Brushless Motor W/prop Saver for Rc Airplane Multicopter(pack of 4 Pcs): Toys & Games. The Emax CF brushless out-runner motor is slightly more powerful than the E-Flite Park It is capable of producing up to 22oz of thrust and generate. KV (rpm/V), Diameter, mm. Length, mm. Shaft, 3mm. Prop Size, 10×5 or 10x Customer Reviews. 0 Based on 0 reviews. 5 Star. 0%. 0. 4 Star.

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Why Do We Love the Little Red Motor? (Emax CF2812)

Do they dislike dust? Cool- I’ll check ’em out: But on planes like the baby blender that tend to nose over on landing, the motor quickly gets loose in the mount. I have the kv version which is unavailable right now. Royall on November 15, The shaft needs to be reversed in the rotor so that the long side sticks out of the other end of the rotor. Great little motor for the eBlaster but, having tried 2 cells, it seems best with a 3 cell LiPo achieving an impressive climb with the stated prop size.

It includes propeller saver type adapter. Have you manged to make it to one our sWARm events? It works well across a wide variety of planes and for pilots with a broad range of skill levels.

I think I accomplish what David is talking about with the little zip ties. If you lose one or both of the screws you can replace them easily with a 3mm socket head screw. Just some that I know of off the top of my head Very little effort to mount and test in 222.

Availabilty Hobbyking sells this motor as the fc and it’s available in the US warehouse. At around six dollars these guys are almost disposable. Lee from CrashTestHobby wants to do an instructional vid for his website. Please login to know Stock Quantity. I cut the shaft 4mm with dremel cutting dmax so that the prop adapter wouldn’t stick out that much. I’m up north in Murray I was actually just saving this link so could practice re-winding some of my motors, good tips on this! Neskair on January 16, Toss in the ‘s same motor, but I eax terminated differently and you have two motors that fly SO many planes.


Jtbluefeather on November 14, As for dust I don’t think it’s a huge issue any more than with any other motor. Scroll up to the close up pic and you’ll see the screw on the f22s’ motor Log In to reply.

Emax CF2822 Brushless Outrunner Motor

I had the prop saver way out on the end of the shaft and clipped a telephone wire. I had to blue locktite the two rear hex screws that hold the motor to the mount as they vibrated loose. Address the items in emxa weaknesses section and for about six bucks you’ve got what I think is a great motor. Soldering them is a little bit more difficult but still easily accomplished. This makes it impractical to mount the motor to a front firewall, which requires that the motor be mounted on its front surface.

So you can screw the mounting plate to the model’s firewall and then secure the motor with the grub screw.

EMAX CF Outrunner Brushless Motor – Powertrains – Direct Drive

Ive have a stack of motors with bent shafts, heaps of bent orange HKing motors, only 1 bent red motor. I might wanna give that e,ax shot: Questions about this item? We perform this testing to ensure that our customers have accurate specifications upon which to base the specific application of each motor.


But have also had good luck replacing them.

Thin motor leads- the wires that exit the windings are very thin and are also fragile. If not, you definitely want to get that onto your calendar. A drop of bearing oil on the front and rear bearing emaz now and then and they will last for a long time. This can be done by first removing the “C” clip that holds the shaft into the stator.

EMAX CF Brushless Outrunner Motor | Value Hobby

Never had any kind of problem with ValueHobby. The purpose of this article is to give fmax info on why CrashTestHobby recommends this motor for all of their small wings and small and midsize trainers.

Email Address For security this will not be shown. They get stuff to Utah in a couple of days as well.

VERY Strong but not unbendable. You may also be interested in the following product s. Checking “Remember Me” will let you access your shopping cart on this computer when you are logged out. I gave up on the cheap wire from radio shack and use only wire that has a high c temperature rating. I always use locktite on the two mount set screws. Price point At the time of this writing, these motors can be had for six bucks and some change.

I need to get down there and fly with you guys! View Comparison Go to login page Close.

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