Gainins Experience Home Workshop Prototype Rreaims HMmM MK-opMng trap gun. One of the gunsmiths I knew, I don’t there to try to learn something new. The Paperback of the Home Workshop Prototype Firearms: How To Design, Build , And Sell Your Own Small Arms by Bill Holmes at Barnes. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Home workshop prototype firearms: how to design, build, and sell your own small arms / Bill Holmes. Holmes, Bill.

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Therefore 1 sug- gest that the rear sight be used on the gun. This is, mote or less, a makeshift operation to be used In the absence of commercial hones and polishing heads. I built several autoloading shotguns and some self- opening trap guns using this type action, and they worked perfectly. He had never actually firerams a gun. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A prime example of this comes from a letter I received from a would-be gun builder who resides In a northwestern state, describing an automatic rifle which he said cirearms intended to build.

Pete didn’t have much use for most of the kids in the neighborhood. In many cases, these materials must be pur- friearms In rather large quantities. But what we are seeking here are materials to make our parts that will last for several thousand rounds and more.

This is essen- tially the result of reduced friction and kss shot deformation. It also requim extensive experience to produce consis- tently accurate barrels. At least one of the trigger mechanisms described in the trigger chapter can be adapted for use in the actions described here.

If you have a reamer with a solid pilot, you must turn the pilot down enough to make and fit a bushing to it. These rifles would hit quart oil cans consistently at yards. I took this gun to a trap shoot and let several shooters try It. If you try to hold it In one hand and feed the drill into it with the other; as many people try to do, torque caused by resistance to the drill tries to turn the material in the opposite direc- tioa causing the drill to crawl off center.

These were all-metal rifles with quick takedowns that could be contained In a inch case. I could use a round receiv- er after all. Including turning threading, boring, and knurl- ing. There are armchair machinists who will tell you that if you only loosen two adjacent jaws of the four-jaw chuck to reverse or replace the material, it will go back exactly centered simply by tightening these same two jaws.


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In addition to its ease In changing speeds compared to a belt-driven headstock, also allow heavier cuts to be taken with less tendency to diatter than the belt-drive machine is capable of.

On more than one occasion in the past, they have mistaken them for silencen. While it is possible, and Invdves less work, to drill through both himeworkshop of the lower receiver for the jomeworkshop, sear, and trig- ger pivot pins, it is worthwhile to make up a separate housing to contain these parts and mount it inside the frame.

The bolt must then travel further to the rear, allowing the next round to pop up into feeding position in front of the bolt face, which pushes It forward out of the magazine as the bolt closes.

This can save a considerable amount of machin- ing time and effort over cutting bolt locking recesses directly into the receiver, and it relieves the receiver of most stress and stretching action that would take firearrms with the boll locking directly into protottpe receiver body. He was ust a mechanic. Be warned that Inexperienced federal agents may very well tty to seize shotguns equipped with dte muzzk brakes described here.

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms : How to Design, Build and Sell Your Own Small Arms

Some of these require a similar block at the front for a crosspin or screw. If one of the pretumed contours can be adapted to the design used, quite a bit of machining time can be saved. Both hands should be UMd to hold the drill in an absolutely vertical position, or at 90 degr e es to the work.

If the bolt action is used, it will be tittle different to other bolt actions in prind- ple. Boat builders and repair shops also keep a supply on hand, tf M16 buttstocks an required, several surplus gun parts suppliers advertise them for sale.

The steady rest is loosened and moved toward the chuck and remounted and the exposed portion turned to size. An even better method consists of polishing the surface of the metal bright and swabbing on a solution of copper sul- fate.


At present I am me to blame, engaged In building a trap gun of my own 1 have two engine lathes: If they are expected to be round and straight, sharp drills must be used. These were bolt actions, chambered for the.

Some will tell you that the added frictiem caused by pressure fondng the case walls into these grooves hold the case in place longer. This will fit the avenge shooter fairly well.

Here, among other things, 1 designed and built several specialty weapons for a government agency.

You can learn how from books or schools, but experience U the only way to develop profidency. It is then mounted in the lathe chuck with Just enough extending to turn the nose to its specified diametez and the counter- stink end for the lathe center is removed. Everything went fine until I went into the club house to have a drink prorotype the club manag- er.

These cartridges are far easi- er to make feed from a magazine than are shotgun shells. Public Frearms login e. Fortunately, cme of my father’s buddies came to my rescue.

The autoloader would have the gas piston endrcling the barrel, with the gas port s at a point dose enough to the chamber to cause unlocking while there is still enough pres- sure in the barrel to give the bolt suffident impe- tus to assure that it opens completely.

If the slide-action gun is built some means should be provided to keep the slide locked for- ward until either the trigger is pulled, causing it to be released, or a manual slide-release button is depressed.

Holmes Bill – Home workshop prototype firearms – Aryana Libris

Refresh and try again. If this ia the material my correspondent had in mind. Of firerams, a few shotguns and rifles have again surfaced with revolving cylinders, but most didn’t last long. Automobile and truck axles contain material suitable for bolts, barrel extensions, gas cylin- ders, and whatever other round parts are need- ed.