Definition of mobile WiMAX basic parameters. Saves the file, type defined by the extension. Remote Command. FSAVE△’file_name’. Technologies: Ethernet (wired) or WiMAX (wireless). □ WAN: Wide Area Network is a CN that covers a broad area,. e.g., cross metropolitan, regional, or national. An Introduction to Computer Networks, Release .. ( Multiple Spatial Streams) and LTE ( WiMAX and LTE). Wireless LANs are.

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The strength of the signal can be increased by placing a repeater between the router and the computer connected to the router.

Wireless Communication Technologies Types and Advantages

Hi Azizullah Thank you so much for your feedback Please drop your resume at info edgefxkits. Wireless adapters are hardware devices that are installed inside computers which enables wireless connectivity. The information provided in this article will be helpful to the viewers. He has 8 years of experience in Customer Support, Operations and Administration. The Satellites used in this mode of communication, communicate directly with the orbiting satellites via radio signals.

Another method of transmission of infrared includes the broadcast system — and, in this method, a reflective material or a transmission unit amplifies and retransmits a data signal to several other units.

Wi-Fi networks need to be secured with passwords for security purposes in order not to be accessed by others. Hi Azizullah Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our International website http: Although WiMAX can potentially deliver data rates of more than 30 Megabits per second, yet the providers offer average 0 data rates of 6 Mbps and often deliver less, making the service significantly slower than the hard-wired broadband.


The radio system is one type of wireless data transmission, and it is a wireless media that transfers data by carrying electromagnetic waves with low frequencies to distant locations through an electrical conductor and an antenna. Extending the Reach of Global Broadband Access. The evolution of cellular networks is enumerated by generations. Hi Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our International website http: The IEEE wireless standard has a range of up to 30 miles, and can deliver broadband at around 75 megabits per second.

Hi Rahupal Please refer the below link for your requirement http: The transmission frequency for information transmitted through a radio system ranges from 10 kilohertz kHz to 1 gigahertz GHzand the frequencies are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission FCC. Microwave is an effective type of wireless wwimax transmission that transfers information using two separate methods.

Hi Fid Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our International website http: Inroduction has been developed looking into the needs of the communication of data with a simple structure like the data from the sensors. This is theoretically, 20 times faster than a commercially available wireless broadband.

Radio, Mobiles, Internet, etc. What type of technology would u have to purchase? Could you please intdoduction me with that. For more details please contact Mr. Hi Mitchelle Thanks for your compliment And once again please visit our International website http: Hi Almustapha, Please provide your contact details directly you can have a contact with our technical team.

If a computer does not have a wireless adapter, it will not be able to connect to a router in order to access the Internet. In recent days, the wireless communication technology has become an integral part of several types of communication devices as it allows users to communicate even from remote areas. This also boosts the maximum distance from 31 to 50 miles and supports PMP point to multipoint and mesh technologies.


The actual cost of the data available using WiMAX widely varies with the distance from the transmitter. Cellular and cordless phones are two more examples of devices that make use of wireless signals.

WiMAX Introduction |

A repeater receives wireless signals and amplifies the strength of the signals, and then re-emits them. Wireless devices play an important role in voice and Internet communications.

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The information cannot be travelled through obstacles in an infrared system, but can be inhibited by light. Common devices such as garage door openers, baby monitors, certain video game consoles and walkie-talkies make use of wireless technology. Wireless Networking technologies connect multiple computers, systems and devices together without requiring wires or cables: The devices used for wireless communication are cordless telephones, mobiles, GPS units, ZigBee technology, wireless computer parts, and satellite television, etc.

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