The Holy Terrors. Fiction by Jean Cocteau Cocteau’s novel Les Enfants terribles, which was first published in , holds an undisputed place among the. The holy terrors. Front Cover. Jean Cocteau. New Directions, – The Holy Terrors (Les Enfants Terribles) ยท Jean Cocteau Limited preview – The Holy Terrors is a brand new translation of Cocteau’s widely-known tale, Les Enfants Terribles. It is also the latest addition to New Directions’ modern French.

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I am bumping up the rating.

Paperbackpages. This is one of those books like ‘The Little Prince’ or ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ which rewards that craving; which provides respite from all our daily jargon, acronyms, and buzz. I hadn’t thought about this for years. He would suffer trance-like states and sleepwalk nean night. Login to add to list. While Elisabeth nurses Paul it is revealed that the siblings enjoy a relationship characterised goly a psychodrama known in the book as “The Game”, which can only be played in their shared bedroom, elevated by the Game-play into “The Room”.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It would have happened anyway, like an avalanche. Cocteau has tenderly described this journey: Refresh and try again.

The Holy Terrors

I am also thinking a lot about those books and how much cocetau wish that she had read more books so she could live in those instead of with lifeless real people” I felt about Olivia from those books. There weren’t more ways to skin a cat someone said this to me a couple of days ago.

Agathe, characterised by her strong resemblance to Dargelos, soon moves in with Paul and Elisabeth. I am Young adult novella, which is not marketed as YA because 1 it was written before such genre was established 2 because adults don’t want kids to read books like this 3 although the central figures are 14 and 16 at the beginning of the story, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s YA; it more than tolerates adults’ reading.


Read in Japanese translation. From the apparently innocent beginning in a snowball fight to the horrific end some three years later, every step seems perfectly possible, indeed, seems increasingly necessary and fated.

His days are spent in bed, wasting away. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! For three years he had gone on treating his family to occasional brief visits, during the course of which, – having meanwhile developed cirrhosis of the liver – he would brandish revolvers, threaten suicide, and order them to nurse the master of the house; for the mistress with whom he lived refused this office and kicked him out whenever his attacks occurred.

No more toys in the toy box.

In Les enfants terribles he reduces the dosage of poetry significantly in favor of brevity, precision and energy. In a nice touch, Cocteau imagines a group of painters opening their windows and looking out at the boys and not recognising them as the subject of their sentimental paintings, titled things like Merry Wee Rascals and Play In A White World. This single location in Northern Territory: I hlly didn’t realize this until I actually picked up the book to read it had been sitting on my bookshelves for some time.

Some people might have problems calling teenagers “children. I can’t help but wonder whether this book, had it been written by anybody else, would be so praised in spite of its shortcomings. Please provide an email address.


The Holy Terrors: (Les Enfants Terribles) – Jean Cocteau – Google Books

Retrieved from ” https: As the years pass, Gerard transfers his love from Paul to Elisabeth, and Agatha- who falls in love with Paul- joins them. We both love this book, and I read it each night to her as a bedtime story.

I abandoned the sinking ship. I hope I’d find the muster to leave.

It seems highly likely. This grotesque of the unnatural bondage of a brother and sister brought up in the hothouse atmosphere of “”The Room”” where the boy is condemned by invalidism is considered by many to be Cocteau’s masterpiece. I did have an appreciation for the fever dream quality of the story as a whole, though.

All I can remember are a few titles.


When one tries to leave the ‘cocoon’, the other must invariably follow. Some of his lines froze me with horrified delight: Quotes from Les Enfants Terri At first Paul is obsessed with another boy, Dargelos, who looks very jezn. It is a masterpiece of the art of translation of which the Times Literary Supplement said: Les Enfants Terribles also includes a series of illustrations by Cocteau himself; these are vivid and striking. He is badly hurt, and his friend Gerard sees him home.

Plaster yhe of Buonaparte, and Nike-of-Samothrace on a mantelpiece. All we know is that the kids’ bedroom becomes kind of an asphyxiating microcosm in which four asocial, not-so-brilliant teenagers wallow in their tantrums for three years.